World class Biotechnology institute for serving lives and nature.


Explore and conduct country specific and world competent biotechnology-based teaching and research with its power of enthusiasm. 


·   Establish CDBT as the first choice of bioscience study/teaching. 

·   Equip CDBT laboratory as nation’s advanced model teaching/research lab.

·   Emphasize on the application-oriented researches for nation.

·   Identify country-need biotechnologists and produce accordingly.

·   Produce competent biotechnologists for all concern fields. 

·   Upgrade CDBT-TU as an entity of an academic Centre of Excellence. 

·   Stabilize economically viableinstitute through biotechnology.

·   At least one faculty - one international project.


·   Well-furnish premises with enough alluringacademic/research spaces.

·   Enrich laboratories with highly sophisticated equipment. 

·   Develop exemplary biotechnology teaching courses.

·   Enroll Competent postgraduate, PhD, Post Doc and researchers in biotechnology. 

·   Increase the number of intakes.

·   Publish original research articles in high impact cited journals.

·   Improve capability development for innovative national/international research projects according to the specialization of faculties 

·   Ensure 'At least one faculty - one funded research project'.

·   Develop scientific knowledge, skill and innovative ideas. 

·   Overall development of faculties, staffs and students.


Biotechnology embraces almost every sector of human civilization. All the developed and developing countries have created unique opportunities not only for the exploitation of biological systems for the benefit of mankind, but also for undertaking research to explore the fundamental life processes. Presently it has found wide applications in the areas as diverse as agriculture, animal husbandry, disease diagnosis, medicine, pharmacology, environmental management,biosensors, bioelectronics, bioinformatics and computational biology, biomedical engineering,bio-signatures, microarray technologies, prediction and molecular simulation, drug discovery, gene regulation and transcriptomics, bioinformatics and computational biology and in industries making biotechnological products.

Considering the potential modern biotechnology, Tribhuvan University (TU) established Central Department of Biotechnology in 2008, commenced the M.Sc. course in 2009, Ph.D. in 2011 and Postdoc in 2017. Research laboratory expansion initiated from 2017 anticipating innovative researches in various fields of biotechnology. As aimed, CDBT-TU and its graduates has served the nation when country was looking for skilled human resources for diagnosis of Covid-19 and circulating SARS CoV-2 variant test using Next Generation Sequencer during the havoc pandemic covid situation. Department is, hence, preparing human resources for biotechnology-based laboratories and industries which not only create high skill jobs but also uplift the national economy and development.